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  • 1. London Investment Immigration Education Ltd. established in 2009 is an independent consultancy with objective advice, expertise and specialist skills, operating across a wide variety of services whether in UK or all around the globe.
  • 2. London Investigation Immigration Education (LIIE) Head Quarter is based in London UK with office in Virginia, Washington USA.
  • 3. We deal in Immigration to United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Europe.
  • 4. We advise International Students about the overseas education system & organise cultural exchange educational tours & assist in admissions in recognised Universities globally.
  • 5. We advise in Investment, Start-ups and Innovations in UK.
  • 6. We are licensed by UK Government's, Office of Immigration Service Commissioner Reg. No: F200900045.
  • 7. We as a company are registered in UK and holding Registration No. 6927985 with Registrar of Companies for England & Wales.
  • 8. We are registered with the UK Government’s Information Commissioner’s Office with Registration No. Z1793079.
“Director LIIE”

Baljinder Singh Rathour - Director London Investment & Founder London Online College - Baljinder Singh Rathour has been working in the field of Global Investment, Employment, Immigration, Education, Security, Management & Administration for the past 32+ years & has undertaken job responsibilities in various portfolios in Government & Private Sector.

  • 1. Global Investment.
  • 2. Immigration world wide.
  • 3. Global Education Development with London Online College
  • 4. Chief Editor - CPD Immigration News.
  • 5. TV Presenter UK.
  • 6. Head of Research & Development Cell.
  • 7. Senior Officer in Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • 8. Security Management & Administration.
  • 9. Infrastructure Projects.

Highly motivated, dedicated achiever. Strong in administration/HR/interpersonal relations, leadership skills. Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills. Positive attitude and good team player.

Mission Statement
“To Invest in People.”

We are built on our experience and knowledge & are able to assess situations and absorb complex information rapidly, while demonstrating sound judgment.

The professionalism of London Investment Immigration Education Ltd. is known by its
  • • Integrity - our clients interest come first
  • • Intelligence - to follow situation accurately and develop sound solutions
  • • The ability to communicate - listening as well as talking
  • • An enquiring mind - every problem must have a solution
  • • Clarity of expression - both verbally and in writing
  • • Personality - to get on well with people on all levels

We apply our knowledge to a broad range of problems in widely differing situations. We are able to use our highly specialist knowledge and experience in a wider context. We give solutions to varied problems under one umbrella. We deal with education, investigation, TV shows, documentary, voice over & many other relevant fields. Hope you enjoy this site. Don’t forget to leave your comments.